Duplicate Line Removal Tool

An online tool for removing or extracting duplicate lines.

How to Remove Duplicate Lines

1. Select "Remove" tab, 2. Paste, 3. Copy
  1. Make sure the "Remove" tab is selected.
  2. Paste the target text into the text input form.
  3. Duplicate rows are displayed, and CSV download or copying is possible.
    ※ If there are no duplicate rows, no results will be output.
    ※ The copy button copies the table as tab-delimited text. Please paste it into Excel or SpletSheet.

How to Extract Duplicate Lines

1. Select "Extract" tab, 2. Paste, 3. Copy or download CSV
  1. Select the "Extract" tab.
  2. Paste the text from which you want to extract duplicate lines.
  3. Se muestran filas duplicadas y se puede descargar o copiar el CSV.
    ※ Si no hay filas duplicadas, no se mostrarán resultados.
    ※ El botón de copia copia la tabla como texto delimitado por tabulaciones. Por favor, péguelo en Excel o SpletSheet.

How to Read the Count Display

About the number of deleted lines, input lines, and output lines