Zero Padding and Alignment Tool

An online tool that allows you to zero-pad and align multiple lines of numbers in bulk. You can pad with zeros to match the maximum number of characters entered, or align numbers to a specified fixed length of digits.

Below are the steps to use:

Step 1Paste Values

Paste the numbers to be zero-padded into the left form from CSV, Excel, etc.

Paste numbers by copy & paste

Step 2Specify Padding Method

To zero-pad to the maximum number of digits

Select "Zero padding to match the maximum digits" from the dropdown menu.
Automatically zero-pad to match the maximum number of digits entered in the text.
For example, if "1" and "12" are entered on two lines, "01" and "12" will be outputted with 2 digits.

Zero-pad to match the largest number of digits entered.

To specify the number of digits for zero-padding

Select "Zero padding with specified digits" from the dropdown menu and pad with zeros to the specified length.

Enter numbers in the input box and align them to the specified number of digits.

Step 3Copy the Output

Copy the output result.

Click the copy button.